Judge Betsy Lambeth

On January 1st, 2013, Betsy Lambeth was sworn in as the first female District Judge in the 164 year history of Williamson County, Texas.

Dear Voters of Williamson County,

I am proud to be the Judge of the 425th District Court. This Court serves all of Williamson County and is charged with the responsibility of hearing exclusively family law matters.
I have lived in, worked for, and volunteered with families of Williamson County, a place where we all call home, for over 25 years.

  • For 25 years I have practiced family law, helping our friends and neighbors navigate the complex and emotional paths of divorce, child custody, guardianship, and other difficult and life-altering events that arise from family situations.
  • For 25 years I have sat with mothers and fathers as they struggle with divorce, parting with loved ones, and sometimes watching from a distance as their babies grow up.
  • For 25 years I have helped clients figure out how to run two households on a budget designed to support one home.
  • For 25 years I have helped clients figure out how to divide their pensions, their property and most importantly how to raise their children together, in the best environment possible, while living apart.
  • For 25 years I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the joy in a child’s eyes when they are adopted by their “forever family.” I have shared in a mother’s anguish as she decided to let go of her child and give it up for adoption, knowing in her heart that it’s the most loving thing she can do.

My 25 years of family law experience has taught me how the law must handle these delicate, yet necessary matters to efficiently render justice.

I am proud to be elected the first female district judge in the 164 year history of Williamson County, Texas. Thank you for your support.



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Judge Betsy Lambeth
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